Our Site
We have secured an option to purchase an 80-acre site, which allows us to create the size and scope of casino resort the community has asked for — even including a 20-acre sports complex. The breadth of our site selection provides us the ability to scale our development to create a regional and national tourist destination with amenities that cater to all interests from family friendly to adult centric. We choose this location due to its very close proximity to Interstate 40, which is the main east-west thoroughfare traversing the county. According to the Arkansas Department of Transportation, more than 11 million vehicles drove by this stretch of I-40 in 2018, and the site’s quick access to Interstate 40 will help us draw from the primary target markets outside the county. 

Although we believe we have a strong site optioned in unincorporated Pope County, we have also optioned what we feel is the best site inside the city limits of Russellville — shown on this map — in the event that becomes a better alternative for the community. 
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An important consideration is that since we have no competing casinos around the market, we will fight for revenues to come specifically to Pope County — increasing the tax revenue and the revenue share going to the community. We are not protecting other casino interests — only working to increase revenues for Pope County. 
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